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Tie Dye ~ Younger than Yesterday

Tie Dye

Tie Dye ~ Younger than Yesterday


Ancestors to today’s generation,


Old Inventions to New Inventions,


Old Creations to New Creations,


Old Fashion to New Fashion,


Old Processes to New Processes,

as leads to

Traditional & Ethnic trends to Modern trends

Not to forget today and in the Future,

Origin of Tie dye,

Inventors of Tie dye,

Promotors of Tie dye,

Creators of Tie dye,

Expansion of Tie dye,

Invasion of Tie dye,

Restructure of Tie dye,

Retaining of Tie dye,

International standards of Tie dye

Originated area till today domination of Tie dye

Thanks to our ancestors from INDIA

Forget the past in modern developing but adhere to those techniques innovated by our ancestors old in gold in the proverb and now develop old to platinum using the researched techniques.

Tie Dye means resist dyeing. It means that the tied area if soaked in water resists the dye to enter and make room.

It in just like people in the full lift which is compact does not allow any none passenger inside to take off similarly the water inside to take off . Similarly the water inside the tied area does not allow the dye to infer. The struggle between the dye & the water near at the tied area makes a mix of both resulting in a light tonal effect as a sacrifice to both dye & water. The tied area like if you wear a socks with tight elastic which makes the blood circulation resist in that area to create a mark in same as to resent the one to penetrate in that area.

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