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BLEACHING POWDER Strips-off your old faded dye in hot water

Bleaching powder is a chemical that can discolor the color of your clothes. It helps to discolor stained white or used cotton garments and home linen in hot water.

Add 30 grams of powder in 3 liters water and heat to 60C.

Add 600-800 grams used clothing in bath and run for 5-10 minutes.

Rinse 2-3 times in water before tie-dye process.

Safety instructions:

Work in good ventilated place to avoid fumes. Use dust mask, gloves and apron. Keep it out of reach from children. Hydrochloride is the main component in bleach after water and is toxic when pure and smells pungent.

Avoid using bleaching powder to wash regular clothing.

Rinse to reuse empty container as tie-dye squeeze bottle.

Good to discolor 4.0 kilos (9.0 lbs.) cotton textile.


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