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Textile Prewash Desizing Liquid Enzyme  Removes starch and impurities in hot water


Our Desizing liquid, bio-degradable enzyme in amber color, soluble in water holding pH value 6-7, with slight fermentation odor amylase is innovatively produced by submerged fermentation and extraction of ‘Bacillus subtillis’ and is compatible with wetting agents, non-ionic surfactants, scoring agents and buffering salts to enhance penetration and effective removal of size in warm water. 1 unit of enzyme amylase is defined, as the amount of enzyme required to liquefy 1g of starch per minute at pH 6.0 value at 60C water temperature.


Add 0.2-0.6 % concentrate liquid in 3 liters 60-70C hot water.


Add 600-800 grams used clothing in bath and run for 30 minutes.


Rinse 2-3 times in water before tie-dye process.


Safety instructions:

Use dust mask, gloves and apron. Keep it out of reach from children. Enzyme preparation belongs to protein, which may induce sensitization and cause allergic type reaction in sensitized individuals causing minor irritation for skin, eyes or mucous membrane of nose, so any direct contiguity with human body should be avoided. Consult a doctor on allergy or irritation.


Rinse with water to reuse container as tie-dye squeeze bottle.


Good to prewash 4 kilos(9 lbs) of textile material.



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