Author  Master  Craftsman : Sunil Vaid

Brand: “ecodye”

Work & Passion: Reviving the fading  art of Natural Dyes, Indigo &  Tiedye.

Brief  Family  History:

Going back before India & Pakistan 1947 partition, my ancestor’s  and family were engaged in natural dyeing, indigo dyeing , hand block printing & tiedye which was discontinued as they migrated to India leaving behind all craftwork  infrastructure.

To earn a living in a newly migrated place for survival  without  any  resources , they had no  other option  than to look for  and take  other  feasible jobs.

As a child I used to constantly hear past stories  from my father , which seemed very much interesting to me and I decided  to learn such exclusive art  from my grandparents.

My grandparents were actually working  in their spare time  as a hobby, would  tiedye  our  old clothing to new and  was  fascinated  by the attained peculiar results.

After my school  education  in the  British summer capital of India  known as Shimla which is situated in the Himalayas  and further  in New Delhi  in the year  1976, I started a small cottage Industry to learn & tiedye  at home to take

up petty  neighborhood tiedye jobs  of changing their old clothing to new colours.

A stunning  interest developed  within  myself which  generated a lot of enthusiasm  and  that after  my Commerce graduation in 1979, I plunged into this business as a challenge  to revive back and expose in this modern world our traditional fading art  as achieved by my grandparents once upon a time,  from time immemorial  and to pass further  to our future  generations to come.

We  tried our best  in past  45 years  to improve  our quality standards  and updated ourselves as per new innovations and  quality requirements laid  by our  international top branded customers.

In  this long journey  our quality standards  have been  accepted  by  known worldwide top  brands since 1988 where our  tiedye products ( clothing & accessories)  are all dyed with safe tested and approved dyes and we  offer  60C machine wash  colour fastnes   on washing.

It is no point naming worldwide brands  we worked or  are working  as we assure you  our prompt delivery to supply you  the best  tiedye merchandise produced in-house with quality and maintaining the secrecy of our tiedye  and Indigo dyeing  & printing.

During this COVID-19  lockdown we have worked  to produce  our Tiedye, Indigo, Mudbatik , Batik and Hand block printed  handmade masks in all sizes  as Infants-  Toddlers –  Juniors-  Unisex  Adult  S-M-L   in 3/4 ply (layers)  using  Cotton, Rayon,  Linen,  Silk  yarns   as woven, knitted , hand knitted techniques to produce our  collection.

Apart from  our tiedye  clothing and mask collection we have started producing  ‘Blank clothing & accessories ( White  ready for dyeing)”  where you can  buy our  white stitched fully shrunk  clothing to experiment with  our DIY  tiedye kits to dye at home, at classroom, at birthday parties ,at  group parties, at camping groups excursions.

Moreover  the advantage  of our tiedye kit is to  strip the  colour of your  product  in natural  fiber  as old garment, tapestry, curtain etc…   ( Cotton, Rayon, Silk, Linen),  following  our instruction chart by using our tested  safe dyes and chemicals , you  create a new  colour or multi colour tiedye at your home.

Our  online team  shall be there to assist  and guide you  during your  workings.

Concluding  message from me is as follows:  “If  I  learnt  and invented  you can  follow and do  faster  with our instructions and  guidance.

Some of my own texts as not to forget on this subject as per history:

  • Origin of tiedye – India
  • Inventors of tiedye- India
  • Promotors of tiedye- India
  • Restructure of tiedye- India

We must be thankful  today to our  ancestors  who invented tiedye for us in India.

Best wishes

Sunil  Vaid.