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  • Tie Dye

    Tie Dye

    Tie dye is a fun and creative way to add some color to your wardrobe or home decor and other collections. It has been around for centuries and has been used by many cultures around the world. The process involves folding, twisting, binding and tying fabric before dipping it into a dye solution to create […]

  • Tie-Dye Process

    Tie-Dye Process

    The traditional name Bandhani reflects to the name of Tie dye. Tie-dye process is easy. The word tie does not mean that the material has to be tied with threads in different patterns to prevent the dyes to reach the tied areas, it can also be folded, crushed & twisted. As the dye or dyes […]

  • What are Reactive Dyes?

    What are Reactive Dyes?

    Reactive Dyes are often used for application with cellulose fires as they provide compete colour range and are easily applied, particularly in exhaust dyeing. Reactive dyes form a chemical compound when they come into contact with a fiber molecule. Reactive dyes are applied wither from a solution with high pH or from neutral solutions that […]